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Friday, September 14
Seeking Russell Scott....Arlington? Dallas? - w4m - 32   Dallas, TX

We worked together awhile back. I live in the NW now, but am hoping to reconnect with you for a job reference. M

Friday, August 31
Amber at Hooters Grapevine - m4w   Dallas, TX

I was the hispanic guy at the bar at about 5:30. Asked you what made you certified. I'd really like to buy you dinner.

Sunday Aug 12th Bedford Library - m4w   Dallas, TX

I came in and sat down to check my email. You beautiful woman in the seat next to me. I was dying to say hello, but failed to do so before you left. I went outside to look for you after finally getting the courage, but you had already gone. I would li...

Cute office worker (1st floor down the hall) - m4w - 34   Dallas, TX

You- very attractive Me- doing construction down the hall and interested in having fun with you....

Nicole formerly with Stars please contact me - m4w - 35   Dallas, TX

Nicole previously with the Dallas Stars please contact. Potential employment opportunity. I can't believe you aren't there this year. Best wishes.

Wednesday, August 29
Race Track Store - m4w - 38   Dallas, TX

We were both putting gas in our vehicles at the Race Track in McKinney. I noticed you look over at me a couple of times, and then when driving off. You had on a black cap and looked absolutely beautiful. I mentioned something to you in reference to th...

MEGHAN - m4w   Dallas, TX

You have a horse. How old are you?

CVS on McArthur & 114 - m4m - 23   Dallas, TX

You were the store manager, big older man. Wow you are hot!

Thursday, August 23
'Reds' at 24 hr fitness - m4m - 29   Dallas, TX

Best morning wake up I have had in a while. See you there often and hope to repeat it! Hit me up if you wanna take it a bit more private.

You:Portland to France. Me: Portland to Dallas - m4w - 30   Dallas, TX

You sat beside me - glowing with such beauty the whole flight. I was so thoroughly distracted that I barely made it through the newspaper and magazine I had brought aboard. I'm *guessing* that you're vietnamese - but don't think less of me for guess...

We were driving North on 35E... - m4w   Dallas, TX

You and your friend were in a white pickup truck. You yelled out the window to me - Tell me what you said, so I know it's you. I keep looking for your truck on my way to work!

I no…   Dallas, TX

You follow or lead me where ever I show. Just always a missed conection. Look, if it was any different, it would be…different.

Wednesday, August 22
Attractive Redhead in Panera's this morning - m4w - 45   Dallas, TX

I thought you were a Doll, as I stood behind you in line this morning. Although I gave you my best smile, you ran out before I could say Hello. Give it a shot and say hello to me???